The Oxford AV Installation Team has a wealth of experience, having installed AV systems for:

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Hotels and conference venues
  • Local government buildings
  • Independent companies
  • MOD
  • Major corporations in towns & cities across Europe.

Our two tenets are: energy efficiency, and providing the latest technology available.


Audio Visual can be complex. It is not always easy for everyone to understand, especially if you have been tasked with managing an installation for your company or employer.

Our specialist system designers and installation technicians will be on hand throughout, from concept to installation. We are able to manage all technical elements of your installation. As standard, we provide you with one Project Manager, who will look after you from start to finish.

We will always speak on a technical level with which you are comfortable; in our experience, it is helpful to use layman’s terms at the design stage.

When you first call us to discuss your requirements, we start with a blank page. We will create and explain the optimal choices for your enquiry, and guide you through to the final commissioning of the installation.

We have no interest in selling you unnecessary or superfluous equipment and technology. Our intention is to advise you of all the suitable solutions for your parameters. The goal is to furnish you with a complete, reliable system.

Future-proofing is another centrepiece of our designs (especially when installing cable infrastructure). We offer the most modern systems possible; however, it is prudent to anticipate technology upgrades. A strong installation base will minimise update costs for years to come.

In short: once the job is done, you will no longer require our assistance (unless you wish for an upgrade!).

Off-the-rack systems are not our line of business. We treat each installation as unique. So be sure to start your project by talking to us at Oxford AV.