AV Consultancy

Our consultancy arm provides informed, unbiased counsel on audio-visual systems. Whereas our installation team oversee a project from start to finish, our consultants design the ideal audio-visual element of a larger construction project.

All of our extensive audio-visual knowledge goes into our designs. We monitor all the trends and innovations in the AV world, and this informs our plans. We can be as contemporary, or as classic, as your project demands.

Working in Oxford gives us a competitive edge. The city is renowned for its diverse range of buildings, businesses, and projects. Over the years, our consultants have gained experience working in all kinds of locations, from medieval university colleges to brand new buildings. In short, we have it covered.

We are independent. Other AV companies may have preferred suppliers; business ties might cloud their judgment. This is not in your interest, and is not our intention. You can be sure that our advice is well-informed, and untainted by other business constraints. We respond to your needs, and nothing else.

Quality and value are our foremost concerns.

We bridge the divide between construction and technology. Audio-visual plans should be a central feature of your blueprints, not an afterthought. We can provide a comprehensive, tailored design, and integrate it smoothly with the overall project.

We are comfortable working with constructors, contractors, and architects, at every stage of the process. Our practical and technical knowledge can feed into your project, elevating the entire end-user experience. We look forward to discussing your plans, and devising a permanent, appropriate solution.